Bread&Butter by Zalando event in Berlin

Juni 28th 2016

Berlin Fashion Week started with the Bread and Butter by Zalando event last night. There was a really interesting podium discussion with a lot of great people from all over the world talking about all the changes in the different industries nowadays and about how relevant things are right NOW, everything is about real time.

Beach time with Calvin Klein Swimwear

Juni 20th 2016

The sun was finally out again today so I decided to go on a trip to the beach with my new favorite Calvin Klein bikini. If you guys follow me on Instagram and Snapchat you know that orange is one of my favorite colors! The black details and the bright color match so perfectly, don´t they? I am already planning my next trips for this year..

The perfect couch table

Juni 5th 2016

Before we moved into our new apartment I knew exactly what kind of furniture I wanted. We got almost every piece before we moved in and everything was in place except for the couch table because I just could not decide which one to get. Marble was pretty high on my list but I did not find the perfect one until I discovered this green Gubi marble couch table on WestwingNow.

Shooting day with Rebelle

Mai 31st 2016

Two weeks ago the photographer Candice Lake, some other girls and I had a photoshoot for one of my favorite online shops Rebelle. At Rebelle you can either sell or buy pre-loved and high-quality luxury goods from vintage Chanel bags and Louis Vuitton suitcases to Isabel Marant dresses…

smell of heaven

Mai 10th 2016

During the past years a lot of you guys asked me which perfumes I use and like. I actually never told you anything about it because I used to get crazy headaches whenever I wore perfume… until I discovered Byredo! It literally changed my life…

Baby put your Hilfiger sunnies on

Mai 8th 2016

Have you guys checked out the exciting Tommy Hilfiger Eyewear giveaway yet? You have the chance to win a trip to Hilfiger Island! All you need to do is personalize a postcard by adding your profile picture as a stamp and share it with your friends on Facebook…

Weekday swimwear

Mai 6th 2016

The new Weekday Swimwear 2016 collection just hit the stores and I love every single item of it. Every style is simple but still has a special something like an asymmetrical neckline, a drawsting at the back or a single shoulder strap..